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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here are the 7 quizzes which are scheduled to happen during
21-23 January,2012-

Jan 21st:: (Morning) MELA quiz by Daktar Vinay of www.quriozzity.com-9.30 am
Jan 21st:: (Afternoon) Sports quiz by Abhra Das-1.30 pm

Jan 22nd:: (Morning) Business quiz by Q-factor( Maharnav Gogoi and Chiranjit Gam)-9.30 am
Jan 22nd:: (Evening) General quiz by Thejaswi Udupa(KQA,Bangalore)-4.30pm

Jan 23rd:: (Morning) Movies and TV Series quiz by Q-factor( Parikshit Pégu)-9.30 am
Jan 23rd:: (Afternoon) School quiz by Sailen Baishya of Quizone,Assam Tribune

The ONLINE QUIZ will started  at www.mbahangout.com

*The top 3 teams in all the quizzes shall win cash prizes and gift vouchers worth more than 4 lakhs.

We will be out with our new poster soon.
Hoping for a good show!
Visit www.aecqfactor.com -our own blog!

Contact:9706461968-- Kamanasish chowdhury,
9706461967--- Kapinjal Chowdhury,
9864147950--- Surajit Kalita,

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