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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tata Crucible Campus- Guwahati regionals

1.According to a survey by hotels.com Geneva has overtaken pairs as the most expensive city and New Delhi has been voted as the cheapest city to buy which food item? sandwich

2.According to JRD Tata__________ life is an important part of economic life? ethical

3.what was exchanged during exchange of turbans between Nadir shah and Muhammad Shah? Kohinoor

4. history about grameen bank

5. Which company associated with Dhoom3 has recently released Dhoom3 bikes for children? Hot Wheels

6. which company's slogan  "__________ and higher"? Haier

7. logo of General Mills

8. Which motor company brand ambassador is Rafael Nadal  and its logo is seen during Australian open? Kia Motors

9.  which company is the prime contractor of International Space Station ? Boeing

10.The book "From wall street to Main street " is based on whose life? Charles E. Merryl

11. which company founded as starley and Sutton Co. of Coventry in 1878 by John Kemp Starley. The name means a person who spends their time wandering? Rover

12. He started his career in the military censor's office at church-gate for a monthly salary of Rs. 165. He is also known as India's Gregory Peck? Dev Anand

13. Kerela produces ropes about 200 ft long for a festival in the eastern region of India. which festival?  jagannath yatra

14.Founders of Flickr (couple photo was given)

15. mascot of Manchester United was shown

16. which two things have come out of the willow tree.  if one is cricket bat name the other famous chemical compound derived from it? aspirin

17.logo of david beckham's International football academy. had to identify whose academy. beckham

18.Banks were earlier set up in DelhiMumbai n Kolkata. what were these banks known as then? - presidency banks or presidential banks

19. what thing did american express introduce to speed up transfer of money that is in use even today ? money order

20. Which colourful indian film artist began his career in the military censor's office at Churchgate, for a monthly salary of Rs. 165? dev anand

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